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Water is Weight, Why Carry it?

Experience from in-theatre has shown the use of the LIFESAVER bottle can reduce the weight burden on front line troops by over 4kgs per man. With no extra water bottles to carry that's a huge saving. Using a LIFESAVER bottle frees up space for more important equipment. LIFESAVER delivers increased operational duration without the constraints of water resupply.

Other tactical advantages include the ability to avoid dependence of known water sources, increasing OPSEC and increased flexibility in mission planning.Using LIFESAVER jerrycans in places such as Forward Operating Bases dramatically reduced the need for water re-supply and transportation in theatre. 1x LIFESAVER jerrycan can sterilise up to 20 tonnes of fresh cool drinking water without the use of iodine (which is now a banned substance) or the need to boil the water. Guaranteed water supply means flexibility, operational freedom and the ability for the logistic supply chain to concentrate on other vital supplies.

No chemicals! No waiting!

Whether you are a hiker, biker, climber, kayaker, camper, hunter, or angler, LIFESAVER products are easy to carry, provide the flexibility to use water from any fresh water source and is better for the environment than bottled water.

When your enjoying the outdoors, bring the LIFESAVER bottle or Jerrycan for peace of mind. Fill it directly from any available water source and feel secure in the knowledge that you will be consuming pure, pathogen-free water.

One of the heaviest things to carry around is water. On a hot day water may add 20 pounds to your pack. LIFESAVER technology removes the need to carry that extra weight. Use the LIFESAVER bottle or Jerrycan to collect water from streams, rock pools, muddy puddles or even dirty ditches.

Worried about disaster striking?

In the event of a disaster it is recognised by aid agencies that the priorities are air, water and shelter.

The Ultimate Family Disaster Preparedness products provide peace of mind for you and your family or community group, should the worst happen. These systems are preserved and sealed in Military Grade Foil packaging allowing it to be stored safely with a shelf-life of up to 10 years. You then get a further 5 years usage once opened. Thats 15 years in total. Keep it in your basement, bunker, car or even your panic room, secure in the knowledge that you will always have the ability to provide your family or community group with safe drinking water.

When you need it, these systems will provide sterile drinking water; from any source. Black outs, floods and severe weather events will no longer have an effect on your ability to access safe water.

Safe water wherever life takes you.

Drinking water whilst abroad can be hazardous but now you don't have to worry. When you take a LIFESAVER Ultra Filtration system with you traveling, you can ensure that you have will always have clean sterile water for you, your family, and fellow travelers. Simply fill from a local source of water, top up additional containers, and continue your journey.

Traveling up the Amazon in a canoe, going on holiday in the mountains of Canada, or just on a gap year, LIFESAVER is the ideal companion and to some a necessity in order to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases and viruses.

The LIFESAVER technology enables dirty, diseased water, to be filtered and made sterile with just three simple steps, fill, pump & drink.

Just remember, wherever you go, LIFESAVER goes too.

Flush wounds and eyes instantly.

LIFESAVER Bottle & Jerrycan are so versatile and can provide instant pure water under pressure which can cleanse wounds and eyes effortlessly.

Having this system as a part of your first aid kit is essential. The LIFESAVER Bottle and Jerrycan are perfect safety tools when traveling aborad or off the beaten path.

Always remember, wherever you go, LIFESAVER goes too.

Working to end water poverty!

From the immediacy of flash flooding in Pakistan or Nigeria to the long term provision of water in Malaysia LIFESAVER systems are providing the solutions around the world.

Our systems are easily transported and distributed and are already used by many AID Agencies and NGO's around the world. Just one pallet of LIFESAVER jerrycans is the equivalent of 1 Million litres of bottled water! That's a lot of help to a lot of people.

Shipping fresh water and storing it clean is hugely difficult and expensive for Aid organizations, creating significant cost and logistical problems. Using LIFESAVER jerrycans at the village or family level allows instant fresh water supply within hours of an emergency. Jerrycans can be transported in to the remotest areas easily by car, motorcycle or horseback, boat or on foot. They require no power and can be up and running in about 30 seconds.

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